Motor & Behavior Issues Atlanta, GA

Motor & Behavior Issues

Physical Therapy For Motor & Behavior Issues in Children

Does your child have difficulty with achieving certain milestones? You might notice that they’ve struggled with dropping things, maintaining legible handwriting, keeping their balance, walking, eating, or even interacting with others. 

If your child has a motor or behavioral issue that is preventing them from living the highest quality life possible, be sure to contact Holistic Occupational and Physical Therapy in Atlanta, GA today to learn more about how our licensed therapists can help your child gain the necessary skills to lead a normal childhood.

Types of Motor & Behavior Issues Therapy Can Help

According to Choose PT, 14% of all toddlers and preschoolers in the United States are classified as having developmental delay. Motor and behavior issues show up in children in many different ways. Some children are diagnosed with conditions such as dyspraxia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and autism.

These conditions make it increasingly difficult for them to lead active and healthy lives, and can often leave parents feeling puzzled on how to best help them. Some examples of conditions that a licensed pediatric physical therapist can assist with are as follows:

Gross motor skills

Trouble with gross motor skills causes a child to struggle with running, playing, throwing or catching items, or doing anything that requires them to use large muscles in their torso, arms, and legs.

Fine motor skills

Fine motor skills are what allow children to use the small muscles in their hands and wrists. If a child is struggling with fine motor skills, it will show in the way they try to write or pick small items up.

Motor planning

Children having a hard time with motor planning are unable to complete tasks that involve multiple steps, such as preparing food, bathing, or copying a dance.

Social & Speech Skills

Your child might have trouble communicating with you or other people, or problems understanding words or concepts. They also may become upset or frustrated when processing emotions.

How Holistic Occupational and Physical Therapy Treats Motor & Behavioral Issues

Here at Holistic Occupational and Physical Therapy our physical therapists understand and know how to treat a variety of motor and behavioral issues. When you bring your child in for an assessment, our therapists will review his or her medical history, observe their muscle tone, overall mobility, coordination, balance, and how well your child does or does not handle changes in the environment. 

Our therapists will put together a treatment care plan to ensure your child’s success. Pediatric physical therapy for motor and behavioral issues often involves targeted stretches to improve a child’s physical strength, play time to teach them the correct way to hold toys and explore, as well as exercises and training to improve how they walk or run. 

Your child’s therapist will also most likely put together an at-home exercise program so that you can continue to practice with your child away from the clinic. Your involvement can speed up progress and make your child more comfortable with their therapy.

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If you’ve noticed your child is having trouble in vital areas of life such as walking, eating, playing, or interacting with others, don’t waste any more time. Contact Holistic Occupational and Physical Therapy in Atlanta, GA today for more information regarding the treatment for motor and behavioral issues children. Our physical therapists are ready and waiting for your call!