Patient Testimonials

  • Therapy was wonderful. My pain level has decreased significantly. I’m able to do my chores without pain.

    Ruth E.

  • IMG 0231 1 e1526658004794 300x261 Oscar H., Jr.

    “I was referred to Aquatic Occupational and Physical Therapy by Dr. Tobi Todd. When I first started my PT services, I had almost no flexibility at all. Now, I can bend enough to put my socks on without straining. My flexibility is so greatly improved. My pain level has gone from above a 10 to almost nothing at all. I have even lost a little belly fat!!”

    Oscar H., Jr.

  • IMG 0232 e1526657591802 300x188 Carolyn M.

    “My sciatic nerve in the left butt cheek was painful. It was shooting down my left leg to the point of numbness and severe back pain. I could not bathe myself or do anything else because of the pain. Now, I am back to my old self, even playing tennis! Aquatic Therapy has made me whole again.”

    Carolyn M.

  • “I was really in pain when I came in for treatment, I’m now pain free”

    M. B

  • “I’m beginning to see my activity level increase”

    L. F

  • “I love it”

    J. R

  • “I’ve been able to cut back on my pain medication”

    S. S

  • ” I’ve been able to move furniture around because my balance is better and I’ve gotten stronger”

    J. S